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11 Jul 2017

When You Need To See The Eye Doctor


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Posted By Tracy R.

People who complain of certain eye problems will usually see their primary care doctor or emergency room physician. These doctors can diagnose some of the diseases and probably treat some of them. However, much of the treatment is reliant on an eye doctor. If the patient needs glasses, they will have to go to an opthalmologist for the full examination. However, there are many reasons why a person would need an eye doctor, and these will be discussed.

If an eye doctor saw a patient, most likely there is something wrong related to their eyesight, or there is an issue in or around the area of the eye. Some medications are recommended to only be prescribed by an eye doctor. There are several questions the eye doctor might ask to get a better idea of what is wrong. Is the patient having trouble with vision? Does it hurt, and if it does, when does the pain occur. Does bright light affect the eye? Does the patient have a headache? Did the pain or vision loss come on suddenly, or has it been slowly occurring?

There are many reasons as to why someone would have vision loss, eye pain, or a headache coinciding this eye problems. A thorough examination needs to be done to diagnose the problem. Looking at the patient or inspecting them can give many clues before other evaluations are done. A traumatic injury would be obvious, but other evaluation would be needed to make sure there is no vision loss.

Other serious eye problems include diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, detached retina, cataracts. Vision loss due to high blood pressure can be a serious emergency. However, they also treat many patients who are not emergent and need only new glasses.

Since this is a specialist, they are the ones who will perform surgical procedures when necessary. Eye conditions which might need surgery to explore the situation or for definitive treatment are cataracts, a detached retina, or certain types of glaucoma.

There are certain medications that an eye doctor would be more knowledgeable about prescribing. Some medications if given can cause severe complications to the eye, and the patient would need to see an ophthalmologist emergently. So, the usually are left to the ophthalmologist alone to prescribe.

Going to an eye doctor is usually reserved for people who have already seen their primary care doctor, and their issue with their eyes or vision may need a more experienced physician in that area. They deal with a variety of issues from prescribing eye glasses to treating severe eye cases that might need surgical treatment.

A person who may need glasses by themselves can go to an optometrist whose primary job is to examine people to provide them with a pair of eyeglasses. There are many commercial eyeglass shops that can be found with discounted prices on eyeglasses.


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